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Metal Roofing For Residential And Commercial Properties

At Elite Roof Experts, we love a high-quality metal roof, and the reasons why are simple. For starters, metal roofing is one of, if not the most durable form of roofing. On average, you can expect a properly-installed metal roof to last you around 60 years. Additionally, metal roofs are fireproof, wind-resistant, and are essentially self cleaning, as rain and snow will simply slide right off.
Metal roofs are made from rectangular panels that are installed on your roof. They can be put directly over existing roofing, or you can build a new metal roof from scratch - either way, you can expect a visually-appealing, reliable roof. In terms of cost, metal roofing is a tad bit more expensive than asphalt roofing, but not as expensive as some other forms of heavy-duty roofing.

The one main con to consider when comparing roofing types and your needs is that a metal roof is prone to denting in the event of hail or falling debris. Thus, if you're a client in a hail-heavy area, you may want to consider another form of roofing.
Like with asphalt shingles, Elite Roof Experts can provide both residential and commercial property owners with incredible metal roofing.

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