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Protecting Your Roof, Your Belongings, and Loved Ones

Nature is a force to be reckoned with, especially here on the east coast of America. From hurricane winds and hail storms to thunderstorms and blizzards, the east coast experiences it all. With all of that, comes the damage and strong need for repairs or replacement on your roof. Don't let your roof go unnoticed. Storm damage is one of the strongest forms of damage that if ignored, can not only be costly but can be dangerous. Protect your roof, your belongings, and your loved ones from any further damage by taking care of any potential damage with the help of Elite Roof Experts.

At our company, Elite Roof Experts, we specialize in professional roofing services to an ever-growing number of states that currently includes Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. We're going to be going over some of the various signs of storm damage and what you need to know. If your roof, commercial or residential, has been hit by any type of storm and you're unsure if you need repairs or a replacement, connect with us directly. We offer free estimates to help you understand what you need.

Our full list of roofing services include:

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Wind Damage And Your Roof

Wind storms can be brutal to your roof, especially if your roof has been exposed to years and years of steady heavy winds. While some forms of wind damage are easy to spot, like falling debri or shingles, other forms of wind damage aren't as obvious. The effects of wind damage can range from a higher energy bill, the collapse of your roof, or holes in the structure of your roof. No matter if it's your personal property or a commercial property, the structure of your roof and the integrity of the materials matter.

What Does Wind Damage Look Like?

Wind damage can range from a variety of damages. These forms of damage include, but are not limited to:

  1. Peeled-Up Roofing Materials
  2. Roof Material "Lifting"
  3. Flying Hazards
  4. Fallen Debris or Shingles
  5. Warped or Bent Fixtures
  6. Clogged Gutters

Hail Damage and Your Roof

Hail storms, whether they're from summer thunderstorms or harsh winter storms, can have strong effects on your roof. After all, all those small, and sometimes not so small, pellets of ice are consistently hitting your roof at falling speeds. While your roof is designed to protect you, over time, even a heavy hail storm can strongly damage your roof. The severity of the hail damage also is going to depend on the material that your roof is made out of.

These materials may be:

  1. Asphalt and Wood Shingle Roofing
  2. Metal Roofing
  3. Tile, Clay, and Concrete Roofing

Many times, the damage from hail will consist of either small or large dents in the structure of your roof or excess water damage. Water damage can occur if your gutters or roof isn't draining the water properly. Sitting water can pool up and easily dissolve the materials of your roof which may cause it to collapse. After the storm has passed, check your roof for signs of damage and make sure that the hail has somewhere to drain. If you're unsure of this, connect with our roofing experts. We will be able to safely and easily evaluate your roof and check for signs of hail damage.

Hurricane aftermath Damage and Your Roof

Hurricanes, like heavy rain and wind, can come during the warmer months. No matter when they decide to come, you want to make sure that your roof is protected from them. There are two main forms of thunderstorm damage that you'll notice.

The first type is any damage that may have been caused by lightning strikes. While it is rare that lightning will hit your home, the chances aren't 0. If your home has been struck by lightning and damaged, call emergency officials immediately. Lightning can damage your electrical system, cause fires, and do other forms of damage that will need immediate assistance and may even need medical attention. After that, you may need to get emergency roofing repairs, which we can help with as well.

The next type of damage is water damage. Water damage from a hurricane can look a variety of ways. These can range from:

  1. Visible Water Infiltration
  2. Loose Debri
  3. Missing Shingles
  4. Broken Gutters or Downspouts
  5. Pooled Water
  6. Leaking Water
  7. And More

What Can I Do To Prevent Storm Damage?

While there is nothing we can do to control mother nature, there are some things that we can do to help prevent storm damage.

Invest in Properly Installed, High-Quality Roofing

It all starts with your home's initial construction and the overall quality of your roof. When your roof is constructed with care, attention, and with the severe elements that will affect it in mind, you have a solid foundation that is prepared to protect your home and last for years to come. When your roof is well-made, the chances of severe damage to your roofing materials are decreased; plus, you have a quality interior roofing structure that will enable you to repair, and not replace, your roof in the event of minor damage. No matter if you're building your dream home or needing a replacement roof, get a roof that is made out of strong and high-quality materials.


Understanding Your Homeowner's Insurance

Most homeowners insurance plans insure you against storm damage to your roof. While this depends on your personal insurance, it's imperative to have an understanding of your insurance coverage, as it could ensure that even if your roof is damaged by a passing storm, you don't have to break the bank just making it functional again.

You'll also want to make sure you understand the requirements for filing claims! The last thing you want is to miss the time window that your insurance will accept a claim for hail damage.

If your current plan doesn't have coverage for storm damage and you live in an area where storm damage to homes and buildings is relevant, it's something you should definitely consider within your current or future plan.

At Elite Roof Experts, everything you need to know is in our name - we're roofing experts that offer elite, unmatched services to a number of states.

We're committed to providing our clients with everything they need to get the most out of their roofs, whether that's providing stellar roofing services for commercial and residential clients, or that's making resources like these that explain common roofing knowledge every property owner should know.

Whenever you need a roofing expert to provide you with caring, expert service, trust our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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